King Baal

King Baal

“Somewhere between Doom, Symphonic and pure Heavy Metal, King Baal hail from Portugal with a very personal approach to metal, blending powerful and intense patterns with occasional dreamy musical landscapes.”

Narciso Monteiro: The writing process was quite normal, as nowadays it’s very easy to collaborate with anyone digitally. Hence, we just exchanged ideas and arrangements until we reached what we wanted. About the recordings, we planned the whole studio part for the Summer, between July and September, where no restrictions were in place. Although this album was greatly inspired by King Solomon’s writings, particularly the Lesser Key, this is an album about life: happiness, sadness, disappointments and achievements, written in a way that resembles a set of ritualistic conjurements. I’d say all my creativity and who I am is driven by the events in my life. I use emotions and life’s twists as fuel for writing and creating.

Joana Carvalho: I have to thank my dad for introducing me to Heavy Metal. I grew up listening to that, and Symphonic Metal caught my attention from when I heard it. Now heavy music is a great passion, and I feel like I can express my feelings through it. I think our greatest motivation is our passion for what we’re doing. We love playing and the music we make, so I think we just want to share it with other people. We love to observe the world around us, the way people behave, and we take inspiration from that. There is a lot of philosophy and emotion in our lyrics, and we also use symbols and metaphors to represent what we want to say.
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