La Merde

La Merde

Art: Carl Mithralion Praya-dubia

La Merde has been creating music since 2018. Born out of a love for classic neofolk bands, they decided to build upon this musical heritage with a distinctly personal touch. Many of our songs could be seen as short narratives, glimpses into the lives of fictional characters, which are metaphors for a universal experience of adversity. The back-broken peasant has at its core the same misfortune as the contemporary sweatshop worker, so it goes on in an eternal return. The other aspect of this is love. Because however grim and pointless life can be, we can also experience bright glimpses of hope which cause us to push on. Both light and darkness are present in our music.

The creative aspect of ‘La Vie En Noir’ went quite smoothly. Generally, we are always writing songs and sketches, which we send to each other to add to and build upon each other’s work. Once we’ve amassed enough material, we quickly go through the recording.

The state of the world, history and how both are tied together. The everflowing stream of tragedy in life. More specifically, we draw inspiration from our own Belgian/European patrimony. From mediaeval times and wars up to more modern forms of the misery of bureaucracy. We can also be triggered creatively by visual arts, film, and literature.

Love is the law, love under will. Music is not important. We will all be forgotten.
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