Ihave a background in classical music and studied classical guitar for 8 years. I became involved with bands as a teenager, starting as a guitarist and then moving on to being a singer at the age of 19. There are always challenges when putting an album together. On this one, I had to do the whole vocal recording with a wisdom tooth problem, so I was spitting blood after some of the takes, but hey, I guess that makes it even more “metal”! Haha. All our sources are musical when arranging our music.

If you want true energy from all of the band members and want to witness true British metal the way It was meant to be played live, then Monument is the band for you! I think that it is all about writing lyrics that cover all areas of life instead of just focus on one single theme.

Last significant book red lately was Douglas Murray’s ‘The Strange Death Of Europe’. It is a very interesting time in European politics, and it is a subject I am keeping a very close eye on but I always prefer to leave that out of our music, our music is not political. With that said, that doesn’t mean we do not have certain views as individuals.
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