It is a long process where our guitar player CJ Grimmark came up with demos and ideas early 2017 for our new album ‘From Darkness To Light’ and then we work from there. So this process took over 2years from start to the end. On this album, CJ has done most of the music and lyrics as I was going through a burn out time but slowly I recover to the better. I have lived a very hectic life for many years and recorded over 30 albums since the early 90s plus touring so I am not surprised what I was going through so I am happy we are a good team backing up each other,

We really wanted to show our influences from the 70s, 80s classic hard rock, progressive rock with a present sound of 2019. You can definitely hear our more symphonic elements on this album. We also want to show an album that you don’t give up even if you are going through tough times ‘From Darkness to Light’. For me music should be dynamic with pauses and variation, song structures that are fast, heavy, bombastic, sensitive, different range in singing and this album shows all these elements.

The most positive thing with Narnia is that we are a great team backing up each other. We are 4 original members since the start and that makes a very strong unit and identity. Not all things are easy to solve, sometimes we are not so flexible, we are so different personalities in Narnia but this is also our strength especially now when you have run this band for 23 years.

Our journey here on earth we are living where our Christian faith is a natural part and we are a part of something bigger and music is a God-given gift to mankind and to share and uplift each other. This is our mission and vision for Narnia. This artwork for the new album ‘From Darkness To Light’ is done by our bass player Jonatan Samuelsson in co-operation with guitarist CJ Grimmark. The lighthouse is a symbol for Jesus Christ who lights up the way and help plus navigate. This is my personal view on this album artwork. I really think the artwork match our music very well.
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