Scars of Atrophy

Scars of Atrophy

Art: Gabriel Turner Byrne

I was raised Catholic, and it was probably the best thing to educate myself about what happens behind the scenes. I am a full-on atheist now. I use a lot of what I grew up with to fuel the lyrics and point out the commonly preached inaccuracies. I have a great interest in the occult and its practices. I think it indirectly influences our writing as far as being open to everything and doing your research. Sunday mass was torture for me growing up, listening to the chanting and watching the hypocrisy. That is an influence. I write much better when I’m depressed, so a mug of Basil Hayden whiskey and my notebook are my accomplices.

What we write follows our beliefs. Our music is the steam coming off of the engine block. We vent our frustrations through ferocious riffs, battering drums and snarling vocals. I lean towards having the absolute best life you can because we only live once. I don’t believe in people walking on clouds or big fingers coming out of the sky. I feel all these religions, cults, or whatever you want to call them, are extremely dangerous. They give false hope and pit humans against humans. Once you are in, it’s hard to believe an outside perspective. I do believe in Karma, however.

Music is like free therapy. I don’t think it is a cult, but it appeals to a specific demographic’s senses and intellect. There is so much incredible music out there; I hope it is not the only music people listen to. Expand and grow. I loved AC/DC as I entered high school. Most of my friends went in the glam metal direction. A friend played me Ride the Lightning (Metallica) and Spreading the Disease (Anthrax), and that was it. It just grew from there into Slayer, Exodus, Megadeth, etc. I have always listened since, but I don’t feel like I’m in its grasp whatsoever. If anything, it’s helped me through rough times, whether just listening to a great song or writing my anger out. I have idols I look up to and have never met, but the people I most look up to are my band. Super talented, and we have many areas to tackle.

I’ve been known to spark one up here and there. That helps to expand my mind and direction. For some reason, I create much better when I’m depressed. Nobody likes entering that state, but if I know Im there, it is a good time to write. Sometimes watching the news can help kick things off and get me in the right state of mind.

There are definitely some great people out there that give of themselves and don’t think twice. Anyone who selflessly fights for peace or our rights or helps to clean up the planet without looking for praise are people that I look up to. I have always liked Anthony Bourdain. He had problems like the rest of us, but his love for exploration and learning new things was very admirable. Non-judgmental and a desire to learn the ways of others and not become complacent. Eddie Van Halen was on a different level, for sure. I can’t compare anyone to him or his style.

Music can be a spiritual experience. Playing live creates a feeling I’m not sure you can replicate elsewhere. Playing an original song as a band for the first time is a spiritual experience. Music is the one thing that unites people from all sides of the earth. It exists in so many phases of our lives that we rely on it without knowing its absolute importance. The one thing we all have in common is that we all like some form of music.

When we were on tour in Europe, we were going to go to the H.H. Geiger museum, and we were super excited to see it. Unfortunately, covid laughed at us, and we had to return to the US huge fan of Dali and Bruegel’s Triumph of Death. Appreciate the dark and different. We used to drive by Anton La Vey’s black castle in Northern California to get a peek and see if we could get a look any deeper into his life. I just got off a small tour with WoR, so check them out, as well as the band Sinnery. Great Stuff! We’d also like to thank Jon Asher Media, EMG management and our awesome artist, Gabriel T. Byrne.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Heavy Music Artwork for supporting the scene and giving us a voice. You guys are awesome!!!
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