Twilight Force

Twilight Force

Greetings! I am Blackwald from Twilight Force. My journey into the world of music began at a very early age, when one cold winter night, the bearded benefactor of benevolence gifted me with a musical instrument. Namely a violin. I struggled with this infernal contraption for countless days and many years until I finally found myself adept enough to perform publicly. Parallel to this, I also taught myself more elementary skills in keyed instruments and found myself composing rudimentary pieces even at a fairly young age. My days as a fervent practitioner of stringed instruments eventually led me onto the path of the more technical aspects of music creation, a path which I am walking to this day still. It is an ever-evolving path, and an endless source of knowledge, inspiration and possibilities.

‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’ is the direct continuation and evolvement of the path we began travelling on our previous album ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’. We are now older, and therefore wiser. Hence, we had a very clear vision of what we wanted to create throughout the whole writing and summoning process. The intricacies and tonal language of our previous opus are still palpable; however some elements are now somewhat more in the forefront, and we have worked intensely to bring salience to critical elements in the production. Also, the contribution of Allyon’s soaring vocals has been a fresh breeze indeed. His aptitude proved to be an enthralling ingredient that helped advance our soundscape even further.

One of my earliest memories when I became sensitive to art, or maybe they are merely reconstructions of retold events, is when I heard ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ as a small child. I was visibly affected, and my excitement in the crescendo and accelerando towards the end of the piece knew no bounds.

We are inspired by almost everything around us, and by many aspects of life. Musically, we are mostly shaped by our past, and our passion for classical and contemporary motion picture music. It is an endless source of inspiration and a great challenge to your craft and skills. Our lyrics are mostly written as fables derived from legends and prophecies from the mythical world of the Twilight Kingdoms. We write of fantastical places, legendary heroes, magical artefacts, and ancient beasts. As such, the source of inspiration is simply an ever-pouring stream of images and dreams, sprung from our wells of consciousness.
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