What is the minimum age of the person who should be using this site?

Any age really, parents guidance is advised for under 14 years old

I would like to send you a demo CD. What is your address?

Please check contact page.

I would like for my band to be included on your web site. How do I submit the information?

Please check contact page.

My / my band’s info is incorrect. How can I submit the correct information to you?

Email us directly on info@heavymusicartwork.com

Delete my artist page. I do not want information relating to myself and/or my band to be displayed on your site.

Email us directly on info@heavymusicartwork.com

Can you design a web site for me / my band?

We are not a creative agency, we are publishers.

I have a gig and would like someone to film it. Can you do that?

Yes, we can. Please get in touch with us via a Contact page, the link is at the bottom of each page and we’ll send you some examples.

How do I contact HeavyMusicArtwork.com if I have questions, enquiries, or comments?

Email us directly on info@heavymusicartwork.com

Where is HeavyMetalArtwork.com geographically?

HeavyMetalArtwork.com is based in Sevenoaks (near London), England, UK.