Art: Kyle House

Dragged from the grimey depths of the rivers of Portland, Oregon, the spirit of Decrepisy made flesh in early 2020 comes ripping with a style of regressive, gut-churning death metal only the likes of Kyle House (Vastum, Acephalix) could manifest. With the addition of Jonathan Quintana (Thanamagus, Ritual Necromancy) on guitars, Tim Lower (Hellgrazer, Grave Dust) on bass, and Charles Koryn (Ascended Dead, Funebrarum) on drums, a truly unique, savage, and unseen form of death metal comes floating dead… Disgorged from unimaginable trauma of pain and loss, Decrepisy’s heavy, brick-walled sound of death captures the burdened grief of stillborn souls straight from ancient ossuaries and fetid human tombs. Disinterring early Grave, Convulse, and Incantation, their sound is drenched in the dark, brooding solos that open up veins and riffs that purify through rot.’ Life in decay… partake of Decrepisy’s Emetic Communion.

We play regressive death metal—connection with something greater than the self. Our lyrics explore the darker parts of my psyche, the shadow parts, and what lives in the unconscious. Genetic trauma, womb betrayal, social conditioning, the body as a cage and an altar, grief, loss, sorrow, rot and decay as a spiritual practice, exploring the unknown, nameless, formless aspects of what I am through decomposing the body in meditation, the murder and torture of animals for profit being like the cannibalism of children, physically, psychically and spiritually, deformed psyche, psycho-somatic suffering, spirit made flesh, trapped in a human/animal cage of blood and bone and nervous system through which the only reprieve is decomposing form. Purity through rot.

When I’m writing and recording music, I am trying to channel energy and create a vibe to give life to parts of myself that don’t have many places to express or exist. The darker, disturbed, animalistic, primal parts don’t use words or intellect—anxiety, Depression, Rage, Despondency. I’ve never been religious; I would call it spiritual. I like philosophy, but I’m more into practice, what or who exists between thoughts—experiencing it.

I bought the first Black Sabbath album when I was seven years old. That picture of the dark figure in the woods and the music turned me out. Music is spiritual. It transcends all the illusions of separation. It is the connective tissue of the spiritual nervous system.
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