Art: Paolo Girardi

Lyrics for the previous three full-length albums were written conceptually, with each release diving deeper into the mythos we aimed to create. Superficially, the lyrics are violent outpourings of enmity towards organised religion, wrapped in old-school infernal demonic worship. Beneath that, we created characters, worlds, languages and symbolism to enrich the hatred with substance. There’s a tertiary element throughout most of our lyrics, which revolve around our perspective & opinions on daily life, culture, and the individuals who take up oxygen within them. Lyrics written for Harbinger were the first departure from our concept series and into a more allegorical, cathartic expression of vitriol that boils through every ounce of blood coursing through our veins. Oddly enough, it was our most linear lyrical expression to date.

When hatred, evil and darkness permanently dwell within you, there’s no need for ritualistic bullshit; those are platitudes for the weak and uninitiated. When we write, we tap into a creative authenticity that only comes from being conceived in pure chaos.

“We live in an age of lies. The wealth of knowledge in all fields and the number of people who enjoy rapid and easy access to it is unparalleled in human history, and yet the foremost of all forces that drive the world is falsehood.”

The Flight from Truth: The Reign of Deceit in the Age of Information, 1991

By Jean-Francois Revel

We are positive that some, without being conscious of it, fall into a form of cult worship when it comes to heavy music. They are obvious, though. Just like the sunglasses that Nada drops down to see the world for what it is, even more, visible to us are they, who have been caught up in worship, going where the trendy scene wind blows. We both got into extreme music at a very young age, before the Internet & social media were a thing. There was no immediately accessible larger community of like-minded extreme music aficionados to connect and share your passion with. It was, at times, a lonely path to pursue but infinitely more rewarding. As such, it connects with us on a deeper level than most. It’s in our DNA. Something about this music – and how it was created – connected with a fundamental part of our existence that cannot be adequately described. There was, no doubt, actual demonic possession that took place during this initiation into the extreme and, with certainty, it cannot be exorcised. We simply will never allow it.

We consistently congregate at our rehearsal space every week to tap into our creativity. We choose to utilise our rehearsal space as a medium to connect with the darkness within us and, as such, spontaneously vomit forth the music we aim to create. We don’t pre-conceive, pre-write, or pre-produce any of our songs. We believe that the synchronicity of our darkness, which only materialises in the rehearsal space, is key to the sonic maelstrom we churn.

There is nobody outside of the extreme metal genre that we admire or aspire to be like. Genius-level talent in the extreme music spectrum is abundant. A certain pedigree of humanoid is required to write & perform this type of creative expression. And there’s even more that’s required for individuals within that spectrum to stand out as apex predators.

For example, just to indulge, familiarise yourself with the works of Palubicki (Angelcorpse, Perdition Temple, Malefic Throne), Barnes (Chaos Inception, Fleshtized, Quinta Essentia), Levasseur (Ablation, Cryptopsy) & Rasmussen/Roethlisberger (Vitriol); all of which belong in the latter camp. Music is an integral part of our existence, much like oxygen & water. Without it, we are just tetrapods in evolutionary stasis.
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