Idid not wake up one day with the idea of creating a band called Déluge. I have been in bands since I was 14 and for the first time, I wanted to create music on my own. I wanted a flood of guitar walls, a flood of emotions, a flood of honesty, so the name Déluge came as obviousness to me. This new album ‘Ægo Templo’ is all about self-improvement, being a better person and the methods to go through the trials that life put on your path. The title means “I am the temple”. There is also an interesting parallel between that and the temple of ego, the strong dilemma between egoism and egocentrism.

Déluge is not exactly a Black-Metal band, also not a Post-Hardcore band. I want to create music with no boundaries but inspired by the primitive energy of Black-Metal. The spectrum of our new album is definitely wider than the previous one. I wanted to work on a wider spectrum of emotions.

I discovered Black-Metal very late (almost in my 30s), but I fell in love with the energy that emerges from the style, not exactly with the philosophy of it. Our lyrics are truly metaphoric and we will keep it that way as long as we will be a band. Lyrics have a true meaning to us, and to a lot of our fans but we love the public to have their own and it is always a pleasure to talk about that with them when we meet them.

What are the dark arts? That is not an easy question. Even if it is not always obvious, I find a lot of hope in the music of Déluge, especially in the new album. Melancholia is the common denominator of what we create. We do love symbolism and esoterism but we are not that much specifically into the ‘Dark Arts’.

Such as the first album, the artwork has been created by the almighty Valnoir from Metastazis studio in Paris. He helped us to build a strong and coherent graphical identity since the beginning of the band. He likes to have an idea and to create his own oeuvre. All the elements have their meaning in our artworks and such as the lyrics we love the public to interpret them and eventually to find their own meaning. It is all about the perpetual (re)construction of the self.

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