Electric Jaguar Baby

Electric Jaguar Baby

Psychic Death Safari with Electric Jaguar Baby
Art: Jo Riou

Electric Jaguar Baby music is a mix of fuzz and stoner rock, played by a punk band as a duo. It’s a mix of what we are, so it’s ourselves translated into music. Our new album, ‘Psychic Death Safari,’ resulted from our work during Covid time. There was no rehearsal, no live shows, only some ideas on the computer between Tonio and me. It was a real need to create music; as a result, it’s often the classic pop structure we used: we did short and straight songs, and they were too good, and for the following songs, wait and see.

There is no main subject because we are two guys who are lyricists in this band. Some songs can tell short stories, and others are a melt of strange feelings; most of the time, titles speak for the songs. We are definitely against concept albums like ‘The Wall’ or ‘Tommy’; I get bored listening to them. I don’t care about the story about a blind guy who plays pinball. Short stories are better; The Kinks or The Ramones told many things in 3 minutes. And generally, there is no jealousy between us to send a special message in a song.

Together we have the same passion for music. No politics, no religion, directly in the lyrics, but you can sometimes tell tho we are going to fight for our right to party.

I didn’t fall in love with classic heavy metal, but it was ‘Big Rock’. When I was 14 years old, discovering Nirvana and Guns N Roses changed my life and all the genres from punk to metal.

It’s what makes us musicians but also as persons because apart from this music itself, there are all the people you meet, the experience you have thru it, and the build you. This is what we can call “the scene”, but it’s bigger than that.

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