Art: Edgar Roldan

We write lyrics based on things we have witnessed or experienced for ourselves in our own lives. We find real life is the most brutal thing you can experience, and there are many evils in the world. Therefore, we like to base our lyrics on that. It makes the content more relatable to someone experiencing the same thing.

The ritual we have is cracking some cold beers and playing some of our favourite bands to get an idea of what direction we want to go with regarding the writing style, riffs and sound we have in mind. Once we have a solid direction, the ideas flow like magic. Our creativity isn’t dependent on any vice. We’ll have some beers, but our writing is done sober for the most part.

Abraham and Frank live by “run wild, live free, along with just fucking do it”. Which is what has been passed on to the rest of the band. Whatever goal we propose to accomplish, we go for it. Life is too short to be like the rest of the “normies” who live by “what if….”.

There’s a bit of cult worshipping for sure, but we think metal generally has the most loyal fans in the world as opposed to other genres of music. It’s a form of music that will go on to be timeless. Other forms of music, after a certain phase, die off. Most of the band has been into death metal since early adolescence. For example, since they were kids, Abraham and Frank have been die-hards and attended shows very early on. Everyone else in the band got into the music and supported shows later during high school. The uniqueness and complexity of how the bands we look up to write their music motivated us to pick up an instrument and pursue being in a band. Death Metal stood out to us because every bar in the genre sounds different from one another as opposed to the other subgenres in metal, which we feel is more repetitive. Some of our favourite bands we are influenced by are Monstrosity, Sadistic Intent, Hypocrisy, Necrophobic, Carnage; the list goes on.

We have influences outside of metal in the band. The genres will range from rock n roll, funk, darkwave, goth, 90s rap etc. Many of our ideas come from listening to bands and artists outside of metal, improving our playing individually and as a band.

Why is music important? That would depend on the listener. We believe there will be people who will have a “spiritual experience” with certain albums or songs they come across. Some bands do create that atmosphere which does make it more enjoyable. That would also lead to the entertainment aspect, where in a live setting, bands bring that same experience. It can go both ways. We enjoy other genres of music from bands/artists such as Mobb Deep, Nas, Big L, The Isley Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Creedence Clearwater, Depeche Mode, She Past Away, Trevor Something, Caifanes, Heroes del Silence, the list goes on.
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