Art: Tony Koehl

Bio: Founded in the summer of 2007, Madrost is a progressive death thrash act focused on precision songwriting and an energetic, diverse approach to their sound. Influenced by the likes of Metal Church, Death, ELP, Believer, Coroner, Mekong Delta and Iron Maiden, the band has transformed from a more simplistic death/thrash style to a wide range of other instruments and time signatures into their unique sound and style.

With the release of 2012’s ‘Maleficent’ album, the world gained a small taste of what was to come for the band’s overall sound and career. A standard death thrash-style album but was only further developed with 2014’s sophomore release ‘Into the Aquatic Sector’. The band had been on a few tours the same year and was starting to gain more support within the metal scene worldwide. It was in 2017’s ‘The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh’ that the band saw a massive jump in popularity.

Incorporating more of a progressive element into their sound and getting reviewed by such magazines as Decibel, the band had come together and found their sound. September 2020 will see the release of the band’s fourth album ‘Charring the Rotting Earth.’ The new release incorporates more symphonic elements into their sound with the help of keyboardist Sam Meador (Xanthochroid). The band is on a pathway to a new and unique sound that will surely be remembered and taken to the next level.

At this particular time, our lyrics were based around blood and gore-based vibes, war and overall tragic settings. Nowadays, I like to write about the human mind and society in general. Creative rituals? Not exactly that. It depends on the song. Necro Nick and I write some by myself and some by Mark and me. No animals or humans were sacrificed in our albums’ writings. The more I live, the more I enjoy life. That is my newfound philosophy, and I am glad to be a part of this world in 2022.

Heavy metal music is just another form of art, and like art, it is enjoyed by many people from all different backgrounds. My story was that heavy music, in general, whether it be jazz, funk, classical or heavy metal, got me through many obstacles in life that I can never repay. My heroes include my dad and mom for all the years of support and my family for that same reason. Musically-wise, it doesn’t get much better for me than Frank Marino and Ted Nugent. Huge influences. I cannot thank them enough for their music getting me through some tough times.

Any vices? Not really any of that per se. Usually, when it’s just another creative person and me in the room, the music flows out, and we enjoy every second of the creative process. The one person in this community that comes to mind besides my family and whatnot is Tony Koehl. Tony has influenced my whole way of thinking in this awful industry known as the music business. He always manages to make me appreciate just what I have and that people care about all of us. With his years and talent in this business, it is truly inspiring to see him continue doing what he loves. His artwork will live on just as our music will. Appreciate those in your life while you still have them. Tell them how much you appreciate and love them; it is important.

Music, to me, is life. It is an essential intangible piece of my life. It also is something that I cannot sum up with just how it makes me feel inside, and therefore, I will let our music do the talking for the guys and me. Tons of them! Herb Alpert, Tupac, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Albert King, Christopher Cross, Miles Davis, KC and the Sunshine Band, Dave Brubeck, Village People, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Kid Rock, and anything really from the 90s pop and rock world, etc. There is no genre of music that I don’t enjoy. Thankfully music doesn’t judge; only people do.
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