Torture of Industry with Theodicy
Art: Milan Chmurek

In the beginning, the Band was a thrash metal combo. Changing singers and drummers changed the genre to groovy death metal around 2014. Making music has been a hobby of all members and fills with the entire creative process of composing, texting, recording, producing, mixing and the visual aspects like artwork and videos.

Torture and Godeater were the first new songs, written around 2017, with the most songs in 2018, a total of 16. The arrangements were put together with standard drum rhythms on the PC. Following the vocal rhythm was designed on top with freestyle or improvised lyrics. At the end of 2019, we selected 12 songs for the upcoming album. Then more sophisticated drums, guitar accents/overdubs, vocals drafts and effects were added during the recording sessions. This resulted in variations, breaks, tempo changes, ambients/FX, modified guitar rhythms and multi-track recordings. After the guitar recordings, the drums were reworked (again). The bass mostly plays the main notes of the guitars on the bass drum rhythm. The final vocal recording with the now-written lyrics followed this. Both vocalists recorded Growls, screams, shouts, choirs, etc., in different variations and arranged appropriately. In the meantime, the guitarist recorded the leads, interlude and outro in his home studio. Finally, FX sounds, samples, pads, transitions between songs, interleave and outro were added and arranged.

Among other things, it is about the tendentially toxic way people deal with social media and the resulting dulling. Social networks are a collection of advertising, boasting, hate speech, fake news and delusion. It creates a bubble of reality. But this is no longer a parallel world. It reaches and affects real life.

Television reports, documentaries, conversations, and discussions with friends and acquaintances greatly influence our lyrics. The music is a concept like ‘Biker Mice from Mars’. The songs are entirely different in content and style. The selection, order, transitions of the title, the sound and sample sound give the appearance of a concept behind it. But these are mental and musical leaps and need a clear line.

We are no do-gooders or spiritual artists: normal working people, atheists, rooted to the ground. We process current media topics, conspiracy theories or real problems with a serious or sarcastic perspective. Even today, there are always new bands or older unknown Bands which we learn to love.

It’s still hard to say after so many years. For most band members, the fascination with metal evolved from their youth. The powerful, offensive and indomitable sound of metal. So many good bands have come and gone over the years, and their ideas have influenced different metal genres.

Is there a death metal band important to the world in terms of content? We don’t think so. But we also consider ourselves simple entertainment for lovers of heavy music and chugging guitars who like to bang their heads and, at best, get rid of all those nasty thoughts during a gig of ours. The latter will always be the biggest praise we can get.
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