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Virtue In Vain

Dusk // Dawn with Virtue In Vain

Virtue In Vain is a progressive metalcore band based in Cardiff and London. The four-piece have established themselves as one of the strongest upcoming bands following the release of their debut EP and extensively toured the UK, followed up with the release of their second EP ‘Dusk // Dawn’, and their latest single ‘The Whispers Of Sleep’ Virtue In Vain has made a name for themselves portraying the raw aggression in their music while putting on a highly energetic show that won’t long be forgotten.

Our latest single is called ‘The Whispers Of Sleep’. The Whispers Of Sleep came about from a nightmare a band member had. At one point, he wasn’t sure if he was awake or sleeping and even when he woke, he wasn’t sure what was real. This song is built upon that feeling at that moment. The song also incorporates how our dreams/nightmares are created from our subconscious and how it makes moments from our past, be it places or people, feel so real.

We start with a theme in mind. This is generally what the song or album will be about. We then start to write riffs and develop ideas to form a structure of the song; then, we keep working and perfecting parts until we have the finished product. This song was a new challenge as we wrote it over lockdown. Discussing ideas and creating music over Skype or zoom was different for us. It came with challenges, but it made us think differently about our approach to music.

‘For Dusk // Dawn’, we wanted to focus on the idea of going into the night and coming into a new day. We started with a rough idea of what we wanted: the divide between black and white, which is reflected in the EP name by the // symbols. Either side then represents the colour Dusk = Black, Dawn = White. The two faces came from going down two roads and wondering which one you would take. Nemesis Designs did the artwork. Dan is an incredible artist and one of the most talented graphic designers we have had the pleasure to work with. We gave Dan a brief of the concept and then gave him a lot of freedom of what he drew and just had regular updates on the progress. Overall we loved his design and the outcome. It fits the story of the EP, which is about ‘The worst night of your life’ and feels both the music and artwork work together to tell the story.

We draw a lot of inspiration from music and experiment with styles. Make Them Suffer has been one for looking at how they push the genre.
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