The band name Aara is the Latin name of the Swiss river “Aare”, which is the largest river that runs entirely through the country. This river shapes many landscapes and also places where we have lived. The project was initially supposed to be named “Ara” after the Latin altar, but since this name is already present in the scene, we came up with the idea of connecting the river. So, one could translate the name freely after “altar of nature”.

The word combination ‘En Ergô Einai’ means in principle “to be in work”, Aristotle derived his famous “Energeia” term from it. We found the meaning very fitting for this album, which deals with the epoch of enlightenment and man’s development and his urge for progress, both musically and lyrically. Furthermore, this term also applies to ourselves as we are always trying to develop ourselves musically and especially personally.

We are often categorised as Atmospheric black metal or even post-black metal. I would describe our music as a form of black metal, which has musically and also lyrically strongly detached itself from the origins. The music is very emotional, whereby the negative feelings and positive, almost euphoric passages are included. It is a constant change, which carries the listener along in highs and lows. At the same time, the music adapts to the respective concepts we want to convey. ‘En Ergô Einai’ is an album that lyrically reflects the 18th and 19th century’s social developments.

I adore classical music of that time and try to transfer the atmosphere present there into our music without resorting to music-theoretical contexts or using keyboards, as many others do. To convey the feeling with the elements of black metal is already enough.

We are no classic Metal fans and can’t do anything with most of the other genres. Black metal, however, has been with us for quite some time. I wouldn’t see myself as part of a scene, but music is continuously in life. When you are young and listen to black metal, you are tempted to take things seriously, which you can only laugh about today. I still take the music seriously but don’t feel connected to the general ideas of black metal.

Most of the black metals philosophy is too unreflected and too simple-minded for that. I have the feeling that many people do not take the trouble to inform and educate themselves to develop their critical thinking about religions and humanity. To me, pure anti-religion and anti-society are too simple to answer the complicated things that have developed culturally and historically over thousands of years.

The lyrical themes on the previous releases were very different. While the first album dealt mainly with local, historical natural disasters, ‘Anthropocene’ referred to the present, human-made age. The aim was to create a certain atmosphere rather than a political statement. With ‘En Ergô Einai’ we have again travelled back in time to the Age of Enlightenment, so you can certainly recognise a historical reference in our texts. Still, we don’t want to be tied down to specific themes and always be open to trying something new. In our forthcoming album trilogy, we dive into the literary world of a 17th-century story, dealing not only with the dramaturgy but also with abysses and longings, as well as with aspects of the different religions. To integrate such historical and partly philosophical elements into the music is fun for me as a lyricist and always a challenge to train my own thoughts.

I must confess that I have never thought about such terms “Dark Arts” in any form. Such fantasy-like terms help to create a mysterious picture. But let’s be realistic, behind it there is usually only show, marketing and superficial esotericism. We could not care less.
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