Spectrum Mortis

Spectrum Mortis

Art: Khaos Diktator Design

Our record revolves around Mesopotamian culture. Our idea was to investigate and inquire into that culture and civilisation. The curious thing about this process was to see how it is easy to establish parallels between that culture and the current one despite the physical and temporal distance. It is easy to know what those who fell ill could feel at that moment or what the relatives or friends of a sick person could think, something that we have been able to experience in very recent times. Ultimately, it is about seeing ourselves reflected in the mirror of time and how the essence of the human being remains the same. The mystery surrounding life and death or trying to escape disease to prolong our lives are things we continue to experience today. Bit Meseri delves into those ancient cults and a truly prodigious civilisation. We intended to reflect with our music the mysticism, the magic and the ominous of those cultures.

The creative process in Spectrum Mortis is very introspective and personal, in the sense that first of all, one of its members tries to elaborate a melody or structure in his most powerful privacy. This process is sometimes spontaneous and natural and does not require other tricks. Still, it is true that when there is prior preparation and a spiritual component is provided to this compositional process, exciting results are achieved. Ultimately, it is about expanding the spirit through creativity and artistic production, which must be a ritual in itself. Subsequently, these ideas are shared in the rehearsal room, where they begin to transcend, mutate and become something collectively. We usually use certain mixtures of incense and candles to expand our senses a little more and achieve the goal we are looking for.

Everything that allows us to interpret reality in some way and seek answers is valid, whether religious, philosophical, artistic, or scientific basis. A more ‘materialistic’ vision helps us understand certain aspects of organising ourselves. Human beings and how we can behave, but humanity, existence and the reality that surrounds us is not only material, or at least it is not fully explainable today by a ‘material’ language such as science; that is why we do not close doors to other ways that allow us to broaden our vision of the cosmos and our spirituality.

Spectrum Mortis is a collective of people with different interests and backgrounds, so it’s hard to answer that question. As a band from a musical and conceptual point of view, multiple bands have marked us, from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden or Mercyful Fate, to Morbid Angel, Necromantia or Profanatica.

We will use any element that allows us to grow from a creative point of view. The final art consists of creating altered states of consciousness, which can also be achieved with other material or spiritual methods.

As they said in ancient Rome, enjoy the work, not the author. It is sometimes important to separate the artistic creation from the creator; in any case, human creation is ultimately a tool to expand the spirit. For this, it is necessary to open channels not everyone manages to open for moral, cultural, economic or social reasons. It is interesting to see how some creators have achieved this, it can be inspiring, and we can learn from their experiences, but we must not be tempted to create false idols.

Art is a human need. Since the human being is human, he has invested part of his effort in art. Creativity is a fundamental part of human consciousness; it captures our soul on something material. From an external point of view, art allows empathising and inquiring into the soul of other people, which, in the end, is a very deep form of communication that transcends the material. Art and music, in particular, are often simple entertainment, which can also be interesting. Still, it is important that art, generally, continue to have that deeper and more spiritual component. We live in times in which art becomes just entertainment; with Netflix fake fire and Instagram stories with half a minute of an Iron Maiden song, more fire and passion in art is needed, and without a doubt, listening to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son reading their lyrics carefully and looking at their cover art for a long time.

In Spectrum Mortis, we have many musical sensibilities, so it can be challenging to cite something specific. Still, without a doubt, we have very eclectic tastes that go from classical music to metal or electronic music. In Bit Meseri, for example, we have included many passages and intros created with traditional oriental instruments since we wanted to give the album that more careful and global aspect. For this, we have used the arabesque or harmonic major scale with small tonal changes, so as you can see, we go a little further than extreme metal, which we will continue to do in future releases.

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