Art: Velio Josto

We’re living more or less apart from each other, so the whole songwriting process is done at the desk. So whenever a cool idea pops up, we sit down, tab, or record and then exchange ideas. No candles, skulls or goat blood are involved.

Music, for us is pure escapism. There’s no big message, no philosophical stuff or what so ever. It’s just the love for music. Nevertheless, we’re very, very detail-oriented. So, talking or even fighting about a certain note, pattern or guitar tone is the aspect of Vulture that’s the closest to some philosophy, haha. We love what we’re doing and have a giant amount of respect for the genre we’re into.

It all started when I got Deep Purples Made in Japan and my first stereo for my 9th birthday. I’ll never forget the feeling of looking through the album’s booklet with all its black pages, blurry photos, and strange lucking musicians. Had a very obscure impression on me. Later I got into Heavy Metal by being gifted some CDs by a friend of my older sister. One of it was Destruction’s Eternal Devastation. So I only evolved that far, 22 years later. I’ve always been more into riffs than solos. I prefer bands over musicians. So I don’t have a guitarist or musician I’d call my absolute hero. I admire all those early Bay Area guitarists for their skills. The solos on Bonded By Blood or The Legacy are beyond everything I can ever perform. Heavy metal is more significant than life. There’s no comparable feeling for me. That might be something spiritual.

I have a lot of vices that do not help me when trying to be creative. Very self-critical. Leads to a lot of back and forth. That annoys me a lot.

I recently listened a lot to german NDW and other german artists. Dig Klaus Lage and Herbert Grönemeyer. Check that out if you want to feel confused.
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