Wyatt E.

Wyatt E.

Āl Bēlūti Dārû with Wyatt E.

Wyatt E. wrote the soundtrack of the Babylonian exile of the Jewish elites of Jerusalem captured by the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar II, after a two-year siege in 587 BC.

Our music is Doom Ambient tainted with Orient influences. My father’s family comes from Eastern Europe; they were Ashkenazi Jewish who emigrated to Western Europe at some point. I wanted to make music about it, some introspection. So I took this episode of Jewish history as a leitmotiv to talk about something more personal about exile/emigration/deportation.

Do I have a philosophical fixation? Certainly not material, but all of the others. I’m not a spiritual person. That’s the least I can say. And I don’t have much respect for monotheism in general, their representative, or the masses following their cults. That said, I certainly feel some fascination for ancient rites. So when we stated ‘we write music for Gods’, that’s only valid for ancient Gods or inner god maybe. I do see beauty in humanity for building temples dedicated to specific Gods when times and nature were obscure and unexplainable. Still, I only see ignorance when it’s about today’s astrology, tarot or lithotherapy. Do you get it? Wyatt E. operate in the 6th century BC. Everything that came after that is futile and nonexistent to us.

I don’t see our music as a dark art, to be honest. It’s solar bright. And we didn’t think of it. It ain’t like we started this band with the idea of playing ‘metal’, whatever that means. The tag came way later. When people started saying, ‘You guys are so post-rock,’ Ok, then we’re post-rick. Or ‘Psych’ or ‘Doom’. Fine, Doom it is. Then yeah, Wyatt doom is our email, but that doesn’t mean our next record isn’t going to sound ‘atmospheric black metal’ to some people.

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