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Paul McCarroll, Plague Hymns - Deluxe Edition

Paul McCarroll, Plague Hymns - Deluxe Edition

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For over half a century, Paul McCarroll has manifested in almost human form in Northern Ireland. As 'Unhinged', as an artist, illustrator, designer, and musician, he has been active in the Irish and international metal, extreme music and art underground for several prolific decades. This work is rife in the pages of Plague Hymns; the book leans more towards the last decade of the decrepit page scratcher's personal analogue output. Laboriously drafting the world's ills into detail-obsessed, intricately mangled diagrams of fractured anxious mindscapes.


Deluxe Edition specifications
Hardback cover
Portrait 210x290mm (8.26 x 11 inch)
Limited Edition of 150 copies
196 Pages
Gold ribbon bookmark
170gms silk pages
Uncoated soft paper

Release date 31/01/2023

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