Heavy Music Artwork is your publishing guide/curator to creativity and masterpieces. Heavy Music Artwork forges standards, celebrates creative complexity and informs keen hearts about music, art and design. Outstanding works of art from renowned contemporary artists/musicians to upcoming new blood, backed with interviews, portfolio highlights, in-depth stories and opinionated articles.

In the last decade, Heavy Music Artwork has been committed to delivering high-quality content, artist book signing and publishing, webzine, art dealer and now with a new high gloss magazine: SNAKES. As the leading brand for art and music, we now want to make our store and platforms available to talented and professional artists from which you can start selling your work to our customers.

To qualify and start selling in our store, make sure you are happy with our Terms & Conditions and fill out the form in the button below.

  • Are you located in any of these eligible countries?
  • Do You have four or more original paintings?
  • Do you have at least two sets of prints signed and numbered?
  • We want to have a continuous relationship with our artists and commit to selling your work for at least six months.
  • Do you want to join the Heavy Music Artwork artist roster?
  • Do you want your profile published in one of our books and our new magazine, SNAKES?


  • Free to join – No risk to you, and no upfront fees to pay.
  • Fully curated – We manage your listings, marketing and promotion.
  • Artist profile – Your profile page will be added to our site with the artwork, bio and contacts.
  • Payments – For originals, we will buy the piece from you as soon as it is sold. For sold prints, at the end of every calendar month. We pay by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Risks – We take all the risks against fraud and difficult customers, so you can focus on what you do best: making art!
  • Point of contact – We will reply to all your queries and concerns in a timely manner.
  • Customers – We take care of all customer-facing questions and issues, including invoicing, VAT, payment processing and accounting.
  • Invoices – We will provide invoices by email for every sale.
  • Promotion – We spend thousands of pounds each month on ads promoting our store and brand, including Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • Copyrights – Heavy Music Artwork will never take ownership or copyrights from the artist’s work. All art sold in the store is not licenced nor used for commercial products. Customers who want to use the artwork for commercial purposes must contact us directly.
  • Fees – We ask for a 40% fee (10% less than industry standards). The fee is to cover all the admin costs, ads, VAT, shipping, taxes, etc. Take this into account when pricing your work.

Our commitment

We market and promote your work on our store https://store.heavymusicartwork.com and platforms as the leading brand for art and music publishing for customers wishing to buy music-related art online. We will showcase, advertise and promote your art online and in print. 

For originals, once they are sold, we buy the piece from you, and you send it to our address; I then send it to the customer.

For prints, to start with, if you already have some ready, please send them to us, and I will start adding them to the shop. We will pay for the prints at the end of the month for those that have sold. I will keep the prints for six months; if they are not sold, I will send them back to you after this time. Make sure that they are signed and numbered.

Artist commitment

We ask the artist to work together with us to provide an awesome experience for our customers:

  • Your art is packaged well and sent to our address when required when an order is received.
  • Provide retail price (including our fee, and if unsure how to price your work, we can help), title, description, dimensions, weight, and photos.
  • We want to ensure that our customers have a unique experience while visiting our store; we ask that any pieces sold in our store are removed from any other online shopping, including your own.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Register with the form in the link below. You will need to provide your credentials, links and samples of your work. We reserve the right to quality, not quantity, and we only commit our time and effort to professional and talented artists. There is a screening process in place; once you have completed the form, we will reply within 48/72 hours if you meet our standards or not.

Please read the artist’s full Terms and Conditions of Service here.