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Religion, and especially Christianity, is vilified and constantly defamed. The symbolic language is defaced in the worst postmodern interpretation. We wanted to hear from Christian metal bands of all sub-genres to share their thoughts, views and experiences. Discrimination laws speak clearly regarding target groups of different faiths and religious beliefs; to some extent, the legal system and even the music industry turn a blind eye to this odd phenomenon. Counterculture experts claim that The Satanic Panic of the 70s/80s was all unfounded. Was this all part of the trick, considering that Satanism is now mainstream and part of the culture for the first time in history in many countries (mostly Western)? Extreme political views have surfaced and embraced Satanism as a lifestyle choice, including zoophilia, hyper-consumerism, obsessing entertainment, depravity, addiction, nationalism, misanthropy, nihilism, self-harm, destruction of the environment, depression, mental disorders, degeneracy, bizarre and nonsensical pagan practices. Is Christianity the last and only hope to heal and make sense of our world? The Chi Rho appeared in Constantine's dream, yet again, Logos awakens, bringing light to a dark world.

Chi-Rho's discussion points include the Satanic Panic of the 80s and 90s, Anton LaVey ​​and Aleister Crowley, discrimination, faith and beliefs, postmodernism, the devil, misanthropy, nihilism and music as entertainment vs spiritual experience and anything related.

Chi-Rho includes over 70 extended interviews with Demon Hunter, Skillet, Stryper, A Secret Ending, Allos, Ancient Prophecy, Apodictia, Armath Sargon, Armor of God, Ascending King, Azmaveth, Bellatorivm, Bismoth, Cerimonial Sacred, Darkhorse Hero, Dehumanize, Demoniciduth, Divine Martyr, Evans and Stokes, Extol, Fathomage, Frost like Ashes, Gladius, Godman, Gog and Magog, Grave Decay, Hidekel, Holy Tide, Images of Eden, Incarnate Deity, Iron Wrath, Jakub Waszkowiak, Jesushed, Krig, Last Battle, Malchus, Mangled Carpenter, Messenger, Mirror of God, Narnia, Pacto de Sangre, Pantokrator, Poder Eterno, Rotting Serpent, Sardonyx, Satan Destroyer, Seventh Servant, Shamash, Skald In Veum, Sunroad, Symphony of Heaven, Ascending King, Temple of Blood, The Blessed, Ben Baruk and more.

Dimensions 177.8 mm x 254 mm (7 inch x 10 inch)
250 Limited Edition
216 Pages
High gloss hardback cover
Collected in one deluxe volume
Printed on 150gsm silk paper
Ethically sourced European paper
Printed in the UK

Cover artwork by unknown

Release date 28/11/2023

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