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Mondo Doom, Ceremonies ov Misfortunes

Mondo Doom, Ceremonies ov Misfortunes

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Mondo Doom, Ceremonies ov Misfortunes is a collection of philosophies, occultic art, malevolent slow music and corrosion. An essential volume for introspection, inspiration and contemplation.

Mondo Doom includes related genres like drone, psychedelic, stoner, desert rock, sludge and crossovers with death and black metal.

Featuring over 200 exclusive interviews, including Acid Mammoth, Altareth, Amenra, Ananda Mida, Atramentus, Baron Crâne, Besvärjelsen, Black Lotus, Black Moth, Body Void, Candlemass, Cardinals Folly, Chaos E.T. Sexual, Chaos Echœs, Cirith Ungol, Conan, Confusion Master, Dark Buddha Rising, Draconian, Drug Cult, Druids, Duel, Elder, Esoteric, God Is An Astronaut, Gold Spire, Grand Magus, Green Lung, Greenleaf, Hail Spirit Noir, Hamferð, High Reeper, Insect Ark, John Garcia, Kadavar, Katatonia, Khemmis, King Baal, Kylesa, Lord Vicar, Lychgate, Mammoth Storm, Mantar, Monster Magnet, Moths, My Dying Bride, Neurosis, Orange Goblin, Paradise Lost, Philip H. Anselmo, Raging Speedhorn, Somali Yacht Club, Spirit Adrift, Sunn O))), The Body, The Lion's Daughter, The Lumberjack Feedback, The Munsens, Wolftooth, Yawning Man and more.

Cover art by Jason Wayne Barnett

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Dimensions 170mm x 245mm (6.70inch x 9.65inch)
248 pages
150gsm silk paper

Release 21/04/2023

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