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Masterpieces 2022

Masterpieces 2022

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We brought together the finest album artwork of 2022. Over 115 releases across all metal genres and all featuring bands' commentary. Lusher, more extravagant and a true masterpiece. Special feature with David Seidman, Fernando JFL, Mario Thieme, Mark Erskine, Paolo Girardi, Rebecca Magar, Shanborlang Kharbudon.

Cover art by Mariya Popyk

Bands include 10,000 Years, Abhoria, Acod, Aegrus, Antropofagus, Armory, Assumption, Ataraxy, Azaab, Battlelore, Black Lava, Bolverk, Brotality, Ceremonial Castings, Chaotian, Chasmdweller, Coffin Torture, Cultic, Dark Millennium, Dead Head, Deathcult, Deformatory, Denouncement Pyre, Diabolical Raw, Druid Lord, Fate’s Hand, Fetal Blood Eagle, Firtan, Foul Body Autopsy, Godzilla In The Kitchen, Haunted By Silhouettes, Hetroertzen, Hierophant, IATT, Idol Throne, Ingested, Insineratehymn, Kardashev, Languish, Last Retch, Madrost, Manticore, Miscreance, Molder, My Sleeping Karma, Mystic Circle, Obscene, Obsidious, Origin, Patria, Power From Hell, Pure Wrath, Pylar, Raptore, Risingfall, Rottenness, Sadist, Sarcator, Saxon, Sentient Horror, Seventh Storm, Shed the Skin, The Lovecraft Sextet, Zarraza, Woorms and many more.

Book specifications
A4 210x290mm (8.26 x 11.4 inch)
Hardback cover
Collected in one deluxe volume
Printed on silk 150gm paper
150+ Pages

Release 25/08/2023

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