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Mondo Black, Misanthropic Nihilism

Mondo Black, Misanthropic Nihilism

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Mondo Black, Misanthropic Nihilism presents a comprehensive collection of exclusive interviews delving into the profound realms of black metal, exploring its destructive philosophies, the embodiment of evilness, the roots of hatred, dark fantasies, and the intricate web of occultic gnosticism. Far from being a mere stroll down nostalgia lane or a repetitive retelling of the conventional black metal narrative, this book is a testament to a raw and unfiltered exploration of the genre. It breaks free from the constraints of tradition, providing readers with an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. It invites you to confront the abyss, encouraging a journey into the darkest corners of the black metal ethos. The complexities and nuances of its philosophy and artistry are laid bare for those willing to embrace the shadows.

Featuring more than 230 interviews including Susperia, Cvlt ov the Svn, Craven Idol, Lucifuge, Uada, Altari, Mork, The Infernal Sea, Supayniyux, HatenshrinE, Vong, Satyricon, Nexorum, Black Altar, Moonspell, Wolves in the Throne Room, Kadestorm, Minneriket, Vreid, Abhoria, Acod, Aegrus, And Harmony Dies, Black Lava, Bolverk, Ceremonial Castings, Corpus Christii, Denouncement Pyre, Diabolical Raw, Exordium Mors, Firtan, H, Hierophant, IATT, Manticore, Mortuus Infradaemoni, Mystic Circle, Patria, Power From Hell, Pure Wrath, Sacred Son, Sarcator, Sonum, Stormruler, Wampyrinacht, Werewolves, Botanist, Decem Maleficivm, Maïeutiste, Totengott, Ultra Silvam, Bizarrekult, Blackdeath, Bouq, Bunker 66, Chestcrush, Crimson Dimension, Dark Vision, Dauþuz, Deathcvlt, Decline Of The I, Desaster, Desecresy, Embrace of Thorns, Fiat Nox, Hadit, Hladomrak, Ill Tidings, Imha Tarikat, Journey Into Darkness, Kontinuum, Aara, Acherontas, Ages, Akhlys, Aodon, Arcada, Asgrauw, Black Queen, Blaze of Perdition, Blaze of Sorrow, Comando Praetorio, Déluge, Devil with no Name, Dismalimerence, Infernal Angels, Israthoum, Jordablod, Katavasia, Mongrel's Cross, Apsu, Nachtblut, Nattverd and more.

No black metal nostalgia, all new and exclusive interviews with black metal true underground.

Book specifications
Dimensions 170mm x 245mm (6.70inch x 9.65inch)
250 Limited Edition
242 Pages
High gloss hardback cover
Collected in one deluxe volume
Printed on 150gsm silk paper
Ethically sourced European paper
Printed in the UK

Cover artwork by Buzzurru

Release date 24/04/2024

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