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Heavy Music Artwork #16

Heavy Music Artwork #16

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 16th Installation line-up

Wolves in the Throne Room, Carcass, Powerwolf, Nanowar of Steel, Aeon, Black Altar, Craven Idol, Fullminator, Lucifuge, Ex Deo, Satyricon, Heart Healer, Yawning Man, Crescent, Culted, Sunstorm.

Arte Arcana Death Special Feature

Craig Mulcahy, Jose Gonzalez, Julian Bouabdellah, Luke Spooner, Piotr Szlachta, Stefania Russo.

Ethically sourced and FSC approved
Vegetable-based inks
100 high gloss pages
Perfect PUR binding on 250gsm cover

Cover art: Amjad Faur and Wolves in the Throne Room

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