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Helvete Basement

Helvete Basement

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Within the enigmatic confines of the Helvete lies a black metal art book, a compendium adorned with intricate tales that weave a tapestry of drama, comedy, tragedy, and crimes. Meticulously selected, this anthology of stories, blending truth with falsehoods, evokes an irresistible allure, captivating every reader. Embark on a journey into the profound abyss of the Helvete Basement, unearthing its veiled enigmas and delving into its shadows that conceal haunting secrets.

Book specifications 
Square 210mm x210mm (8.27inch x 8.27inch)
Hardback edition
150gm uncoated art paper
184 pages
Limited Edition of 250 copies worldwide
Collected in one deluxe volume
Ethically sourced European paper
Printed in the UK

All art by Buzzurru

Release date 23/10/2023

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