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Monochromes 2022

Monochromes 2022

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Over 100 bands including AB•EST, Acid Blade, Aenaon, Arallu, Austere, Bâ'a, Black Anvil, Black Void, Bleed From Within, Celeste, Clamoris, Corpus Christii, Darkane, Diabolic Oath, Electric Jaguar Baby, Embrace of Thorns, Faithxtractor, Funeral Harvest, Guineapig, Hammr, Haut & Court, Heilung, Helldrifter, Heruvim, Hissing, In Aphelion, Inanes, Iron Void, Konvent, Kryptamok, Mammoth Volume, Mamorlis, Mass Worship, Miscreation, Mo'ynoq, Mosaic, Nazgul Rising, Noctem, Noctu, Panzerfaust, Persefone, Pestilent Hex, Pestlegion, Ravenous Dusk, Rotheads, Severe Torture, Shape of Despair, Somali Yacht Club, Stratuz, Strigoi, Sulfure, Terra, Witcher, Woods of Desolation, Theigns & Thralls, Tombs, Tyrannus, Tzompantli, Ultar, Urkraft, Veter Daemonaz, Wyatt E., Hiroe and more.

Featured artists includes Doomsday Graphics, Business for Satan, Joscha Bauer, Credo quia Absurdum, Cold Poison, Serpent Above, Vhan Artworks, Karn, Jesus Lhysta, Comaworx, AMMO, Valnoir, Abstract Chaos Design, Artem Grigoryev, David Provan, Tuomas Valtanen, Mira Nedyalkova, Roberto Toderico, Raf The Might (Too Many Skulls), BMS Illustration, Iconartistry, Frater Teth, Jo Riou, CVSPE, Mat Cop1, Kai Uwe Faust, Abyssic Craft, Irrwisch Art design and more.

A4 Hardback (210mmx297mm)
Limited Edition
Collected in one deluxe volume
152 pages

Release 25/08/2023

Cover artwork by Morgul Illustration

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